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What are Tigernuts?


                                          Good Soul TigerNut
TigerNuts are not nuts, they are highly nutritious, sweet and delicious root vegetables mostly grown in West Africa. TigerNuts have always been an important component of our ancestors’ diets and now we know why. TigerNuts are classified as SuperFoods due to its dense nutritional content. An ounce (a handful) of TigerNut, contains up to 40% of DV Fiber, 10% DV Iron, plus prebiotic fiber fostering gut health amongst other nutritional benefits.

Nutrient Dense 


A nutrient most Americans don't get enough in their daily diet. Increase your fiber intake with just once ounce of Good Soul Tigenuts! An ounce contains 10 grams of Fiber which is 40% of Daily Value. 


Iron is a mineral that transports oxygen in red blood cells to produce energy. Low Iron in the body causes weakness, dizziness and headache etc. An ounce of Good Soul Tigernuts contains 10% Daily Value, making it a healthier choice than red meat. An ounce of Good Soul Tigenuts contains more Iron than an ounce of red meat.

Vitamin E

For strong reproductive system and antioxidant power makes Tigernuts a natural source to fight diseases. An ounce of Good Soul Tigernuts contains 27% of Daily Value.

Vitamin C

Help promotes strong immune system, renewing skin cells and other inherent benefits of Vitamin C.


Important for kidney and heart function plus heart and muscle movement. 100 grams of Good Soul Tigernuts provides more Potassium than 100 grams of Banana*.


Plays a critical role in the absorption of other nutrients such as Potassium and Calcium. Also, Magnesium supports brain health, heart and calms inflammation in the body. An ounce of Good Soul Tigenuts contains 8% of Daily Value.

Healthy Fats (Monounsaturated Fatty Acids)

Tigernuts contains zero trans fat (the bad stuff) making it a great way to include healthy fats into your diet. 

An ounce (30 grams) Good Soul Tigernuts is about 25-30 Tigernuts. 



* A Banana is 100 grams.
An ounce (30 grams) of Good Soul Tigernuts is about 25-30 Tigernuts. 
These are not meant to offer nutritional or diet advice, consult a doctor or licensed nutritionist for proper counseling.