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  1. What are TigerNuts?
    Tiger Nuts are raw root tuber vegetables. It grows underground like a potato but with much higher nutritional content. They are not nuts as the names describe. The name comes from the stripes on the body like a Tiger, and it looks like a nut, hence, Tiger Nuts.
  2. Where is Good Soul TigerNuts from?
    We source from our partners in Northern Nigeria and processed at a partner facility in Lagos, Nigeria. 
  3. What is Good Soul Company Mission?
    We believe small scale farmers and processors are the bedrock of any economy. Thus, our mission is to support African farmers and processorsby expanding their market access. 
  4. Are they Allergen-Free?
    Yes, They are allergen-free since they are not nuts and are not produced in a facility that produces other known allergen products.
  5. What are the best ways to eat them?
    Eat straight from the bag, our Tiger Nuts has been washed multiple times, and sun-dried. To improve the taste, soak in water for 5-7 hours or overnight, they will increase in size, the texture will become softer,  the color will become brighter and the taste will be juicier.
  6. How does it feel to eat them?
    Tiger Nuts are crunchy to eat due to their high fiber content. If you have sensitive teeth, gum or other dental conditions, consult a Dentist before eating.
  7. Can Kids eat them?
    Absolutely! Tiger Nuts contains macro nutrients that are essential for kids. Supervise kids during consumption to avoid choking hazards.
  8. Why is it called a Super Food?
    Tiger Nuts are densely nutritious with one ounce containing 40% Fiber, 10% Iron, 8% Magnesium and other healthy nutrients and fats. Check out our What is Tiger Nuts page for more details.
  9. What is the shelf life of Good Soul TigerNuts?
    Tiger Nuts has a long shelf life and can more the 2 years in a dry form. We recommend storing it in a cool and dry place. If soaked in water, store in the refrigerator, and consume within 7 days. They are raw root tuber vegetables hence will spoil like any other fresh product when soaked in water and refrigerated.
  10. What are Shipping and Returns Policy?
    There is a $1.99 flat shipping fee regardless of how many units you buy. We accept returns if the product is unopened and the buyer assumes returns shipping fee.