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Good Soul Company

Good Soul Company

Founder Story:

Ony Mgbeahurike was born and raised in Owerri Imo State, Nigeria. Ony has been fascinated with and passionate about the growing, harvesting and packaging of foods since his childhood, as well as the role of agriculture in Africa's economic development. Ony obtained his Bachelor’s Degree in Manufacturing Operations Management from the University  of Minnesota, Twin Cities. He obtained his MBA from Washington University in St Louis, with a focus in Marketing & Strategy. Ony has experience in manufacturing, supply chain, marketing & strategy in fortune 500 consumer packaged goods companies including PepsiCo, General Mills and Danone.

Our Story:

Good Soul Company (GSC) was inspired by the need to share the milky and sweet taste of the Tigernuts raw snack with the world. Our founder Ony Mgbeahurike grew up snacking on Tigernuts as a young child in Owerri, a bustling city in the eastern parts of Nigeria where he was born. Beyond its rich taste, the Tigernuts which is grown abundantly in many parts of Nigeria (or West Africa), also provides great nutritional value and Good Soul Company is at the forefront of sharing this rich goodness with the rest of the world. Our company is focused on supporting African farmers and processors by helping reduce post-harvest losses as well as connecting them to a world of Tigernut lovers! Good Soul Company intends to expand its product offerings to other TigernNut derivatives and under-commercialized African-grown foods and snacks to amplify the potential of the African agricultural space.

Good Soul Company Mission:

Increase Market access to African Farmers and Processors through robust commercialization, farming best practices, and pre-harvest purchase. Purchase of our products has a direct impact on our partner farmers and processors by providing immediate cash flow for their  families and investment into their farming and processing capabilities.

GSC is headquartered in St Paul, Minnesota, with warehouse operations and Sales Office in Broomfield, Colorado.