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September 04, 2020 0 Comments

There is a steady rise in commercial agriculture in Africa, leading to a flattering increase attributed to the increased search for self-sufficiency and income generation. Despite the growth of Africa's economy, poverty is still growing, which calls for a shift from the monolithic-oil-based economy to a more sustainable model with agriculture being the lead sector.

Numerous agro-based start-ups rising in Nigeria, a trend Good Soul Company is poised to join through the vision of creating value through the importation and processing of Tigernut, thereby generating revenue for local farmers and positively impacting local communities in Nigeria and beyond.

However, Africa's economic growth trend has not yielded a tangible improvement in the well-being of a larger proportion of the population, especially the rural populace whose primary occupation is agriculture (~70% of farmers are in rural Nigeria, and the same % applies across Africa.) Therefore, an economic growth that translates into poverty reduction, enhanced food security, healthier living, increased literacy, and empowerment of youths and women in rural Africa should be embraced!

Favorable policies should be designed for alleviating rural poverty, and this should be centered on diversifying any African economy with agriculture as the main driver. The most direct contribution of agriculture to economic growth is increasing farmers’ incomes and, therefore, their purchasing power -- a mission Good Soul Company is striving to achieve with Tigernut farmers & processors.