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August 29, 2020 0 Comments

Good Soul Company is poised to contribute to the development of Africa's economy by creating value through Tigernut processing and distribution, empowering local farmers, and creating jobs. Technology has made development a level playing field for every nation. At the same time, Africa continues to catch up on infrastructure development. The latest developmental trends recorded in Africa is proof that Africa is gradually taking her place in the leagues of nations.

Africa is playing a significant role in pushing up national incomes through agricultural development. However, it is still lagging in modern industrialization. Africa is very diverse in its economic, social, and political structures. But the continent's countries share common characteristics and face similar challenges, like low levels of socio-economic development, high vulnerability to risks, and protracted gender inequality. Africa also remains on industrialization margins, as reflected by low and declining shares of manufacturing value-added in Gross Domestic Product and export.

Africa critically needs an agricultural revolution, if it is to create jobs for its growing youth population and reduce migration pressure. Some of the building blocks are well known; effective and liable governance institutions, modern infrastructure, and education.

Governments across all boards commit to changing the narrative by providing the necessary infrastructure and creating an enabling environment for business to Thrive and Grow. Countries like Ethiopia and Kenya are putting conscious effort into becoming Africa's manufacturing hub. Currently, Lagos, Nigeria, houses the biggest creative hub in Africa. This positive achievement is slowly positioning Africa as the new industrial hub.

Industrialization can also be brought forward through increased agricultural trade and deeper regional integration. Commercial agglomeration benefits can be harnessed by developing transport, logistics, and industrial corridors, with hub development around transport nodes and agriculture.

It is imperative to understand that Africa's economy impacts the world, as it plays a vital role in developing the world's economy; industrialization is an essential part of economic growth. Countries in Africa have made consistent policy errors in focusing on economic growth and giving less attention to human development and agriculture.

 Development is measured by various factors such as access to quality health care, education, and human capacity development—the latest collaboration between Africa and Asia shows that Africa is becoming an industrial hub filled with opportunities. As a brand, we are fully committed to ensuring we play our role effectively to position Africa, where it belongs by creating economic value through Tigernut farming and processing.